A reminder to wash your masks after every use

The importance of washing your mask

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Every time you do laundry, throw in your reusable cloth masks, because even reusable ones need to be washed with every use.

It’s all about trapping your spit. If you think about it, after you wear that mask once, your mask has spit germs inside of it. You should throw out disposable masks after one use, but you can keep cloth masks in the rotation easily.

Wash your cloth masks in the washer or by hand with hot water, but be careful about throwing it in the dryer and shrinking it. Instead, the CDC advises hanging it up where the sun hits it. And let it dry all the way before you use it; no matter what.

“Washing is important,” said Dr. Michael Saag.

“One little task, wash your mask!” said Dr. Kristen Berryman with the ADPH.

Dr. Ellen Eaton adds “Don’t forget to wash that mask!” And Dr. Joy Henningsen reminds us, “Remember to wash your mask!”

That way you can wash off the stuff like this you can see.. and the germs you can’t.

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