Early learning classrooms to open in January at UA Gadsden Center

UA Gadsden Early Learning Center

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The University of Alabama Gadsden Center plans to open an early learning center for people getting childhood education degrees.

It will be open to children who’ve turned four years old as of September 1st. It will be located in the UA Gadsden Center across from Gadsden City Hall, and a playground will even be built behind the center before it opens in January.

“We hope to serve as a model in the state for pre-service teachers, early educators, and their laboratory spaces in the classroom so that community college students, and local educators can come and watch,” says Cailin Kerch, a UA professor and project leader.

There is no income level requirement or location requirements for children to attend the center, as long as they have transportation there.

After children register they will be chosen for placement by a lottery system.

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