Pickens County Schools in Reform temporarily closed due to COVID-19

2 Pickens County Schools closed because of COVID

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Families in one Pickens County community learned Sunday that their children would have to learn remotely for the next few weeks.

This COVID outbreak does not involve students. We’re told around a dozen support staffers at the two schools in Reform have tested positive for COVID or have had to quarantine due to close contact.

Carol Brewer made sure to get in line for food for her kids and niece when Pickens County Schools announced Sunday the schools in Reform are closed temporarily because of coronavirus.

“The pandemic is a struggle yes. But it’s actually a blessing that the schools allow us to come get the meals for the kids,” she told WBRC.

Cars started arriving at 10am Monday morning at Reform Elementary School to get students' meals for the week. Kids expect to be away from in-person teaching for the next 10 school days. Brewer admitted its been an adjustment her family has had to make.

“No we haven’t contracted the virus, but it has impacted us of course because our lifestyle has changed,” she continued.

Pickens County Schools Superintendent Jamie Chapman says they planned ahead in case students or staff were infected with COVID.

“Because we knew it wasn’t even a matter of if this happened to us, it was going to be when.” Chapman explained.

That’s why Pickens County Schools also made sure folks were familiar with virtual learning if it became necessary there. Brewer’s kids are more comfortable with it now.

“The school has done really well and the teachers as far as implementing the program,” she added.

Students are expected to return to class at Pickens County High School and Reform Elementary School on November 30th on staggered schedules.

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