Large groups of any kind, even masked, risk spreading COVID-19

Covid risk even with masks

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - After students rushed the field at Notre Dame and supporters and protesters took to the streets this weekend, experts want to remind people that masks are helpful, but not perfect.

The images of crowds with very little space between them alarmed medical experts, who say space is safety during the pandemic.

Doctors and researchers have been saying to social distance and wear masks for months, but sometimes people may get a false sense of security just wearing a mask alone.

“We want to do everything we can and have our defenses overlap,” explains expert Dr. Joy Henningsen, of UAB.

By combining wearing a mask and giving people as much space as you can, there’s less chance of spreading COVID-19.

“Six feet is completely arbitrary, there is nothing magical about six feet, with a cough or sneeze, this airborne virus can absolutely travel more than six feet,” she said.

Whether it be celebrating or protesting, any grouping of people even masked increases the risk of contracting coronavirus.

“No single action is invincible on its own, you need multiple lines of defense against getting infected,” said Dr. Henningsen.

And another important line of defense of course, is washing your hands.

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