Local democrats celebrate President-Elect Joe Biden’s win

Published: Nov. 7, 2020 at 11:09 PM CST
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Dozens of Birmingham democrats and supporters celebrated as President- Elect Joe Biden delivered his acceptance speech.

“This win is phenomenal," Gina Mallisham with the Birmingham Young Democrats said. "It is huge history made, not just for women or not just for women of color, not just for immigrants, but it’s a huge win for everyone who believes in love first and America first and hate has no place.”

“I am celebrating today," President of Alabama Young Democrats Josh Coleman said. “We have a democrat returning to the White House, not only a democrat, but we have stability returning on the world’s stage and we have someone who can fight for America’s values.”

Dozens of people with the group gathered at Cahaba Brewery in Avondale to listen to Biden’s speech and celebrate.

“This will set the tone of his administration; this speech tonight will show how he and Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris, will lead the nation," Coleman said.

Coleman said Biden’s win is something the party has worked hard for.

“The democratic party logged more volunteer hours and volunteers in this election than ever in the Alabama Democratic Party’s history," Coleman said. "We made over five million attempts to voters here in Alabama.”

“When we get an occasional blue democratic win, we celebrate it,” Mallisham said. "But, to see that the whole world is watching and they are celebrating with us, it just shows that we are on the right path.”

Coleman said the new administration is just the first step.

“It is the beginning of change," Coleman said. "We will have a new President. We will have a new Vice President, but then we look towards our criminal justice reform. We will have a new Attorney General. We will have a new Secretary of State and a new National Security Advisor, that can help us throughout the world, rebuild America’s standing with other world leaders.”

“Finally we are seeing that if we work hard enough, and we register and we vote, we can actually make change," Mallisham said. "We really needed a win that brought us all together and I think this is the win that will do that.”

The Alabama Young Democrats has more than 4,000 members statewide , with more than 1,000 in the Birmingham chapter.

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