Local restaurants react to amended Safer at Home order

New reaction to Safer at Home order

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Local restaurant owners are reacting to Governor Kay Ivey’s amended Safer at Home order.

Some said the revised order won’t make or break them.

Le Fresca is a small restaurant in Downtown Birmingham and it has already had to reduce its seating to accommodate the previous order, and managers said this new amended version won’t help the restaurant at all.

Under the revised order, restaurants, bars and breweries may open with limited table seating, 6 feet between tables and are subject to additional sanitation rules and guidelines.

Restaurants can make exceptions to the social distancing rules if people are wearing mask and are separated by an “impermeable” barrier.

Front of House Manager for Le Fresca, Brent Bonham, said the language in the new order is a bit confusing because it doesn’t specify how tall or wide the barriers need to be, and since the restaurant is operating at half capacity, it doesn’t want to spend more money on them.

“These partitions both require money, which this has not been a lucrative year for any restaurant, anyone in the restaurant industry, and they take up space. We’re already tight on space, now you start putting these partitions, trying to do the tables. It really changes nothing for us here at Le Fresca,” Bonham said.

Bonham said he also has concerns as we head into the winter months.

Right now, they’ve been able to offer seating outside, but that won’t be possible once the cold sets in.

He said the restaurant will most likely lose half of its business when that happens.

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