New report shows attendances is slipping and failing grades are increase in schools across the country

Report: School attendance slipping, failing grades

CULLMAN COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - A report in the Los Angeles times points to a growing trend we all should be paying attention to.

School attendance is slipping, and failing grades are increasing at schools across the country, including right here in Alabama.

Cullman County Superintendent, Dr. Shane Barnette, said early in the school year, there was a high number of students who were signed up for virtual learning and many of the kids were slow to log in to classes or didn’t have internet access to begin with.

Dr. Barnette said a lot of students in his district were falling behind because of this, so he allowed some students to return for in-person instruction.

He said that has help a little bit, but there are still situations where students are not logging on and completing assignments.

Dr. Barnette was very transparent saying some students have been turned over to truancy officers because their attendance was so poor, and while he said he hates to do that, they have to keep students on task.

“I want to encourage our parents if you have any doubt or if you need to know the progress of your child, call the school. Reach out to their teachers. Reach out to the principals,” said Barnette.

“They just need to make sure they stay involved. Even though those kids are at home now, they need to make sure that they’re seeing that their kids are on task and at the level they need to be at,” Barnette explained.

Cullman County parents who have students enrolled in virtual learning can attend Google Hangouts with their teachers every Wednesday to talk about their student’s performance.

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