Power restored at all Chilton County voting locations

Chilton Co. polling place preparations after storms

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Chilton County Officials expect to have all polling precincts open Tuesday for voting after Hurricane Zeta knocked out power to more than half of the buildings.

It’s been a stressful few days for Chilton County officials coordinating Hurricane Zeta clean up for the community, and dealing with its impact at polling locations.

“Out of our 17 locations, 10 were without power," said Probate Judge Jason Calhoun, Chilton County.

WBRC spoke to Probate Judge Jason Calhoun by phone as his team trekked from one end of Chilton County to the other to check locations and drop off voting machines.

“With efforts from all the power companies, they have restored power to every one of them and we’re double checking them as we deliver our voting machines,” said Calhoun.

His crew also has backup generators in tow just in case they get to a precinct and the power is back out.

County officials say polling locations were temporarily prioritized by some power companies so that they could be ready for Election Day which is expected to bring out historic voter turnout.

“We were nervous about not being able to accommodate voters, but we got together and got our heads together, and put a plan in place. It looks as though, fortunately, all that stuff is not going to be needed,” said Joseph Parnell, Chilton County Commission Chair

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