City of Birmingham makes safety plan for Election Day

City of Birmingham makes safety plan for Election Day
(Source: WVIR)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The City of Birmingham Mayor’s Office of Public Information released a statement on safety and Election Day.

City leaders said they have a plan for safety Tuesday and they are in ongoing conversations about any potential threats. Right now, there are none.

Here is the full statement: As a city, our main priority is to keep our residents, employees, businesses and visitors safe and updated with credible information. We are committed to keeping people and polling places safe on Election Day.

We have all heard discussions on a national level concerning the potential for unrest on Election Day or in the aftermath. We remain in constant contact with law enforcement on a local, state and federal level about any potential unrest or threats to our community.

Like with any major event, the city’s public safety departments have worked to ensure Birmingham has the appropriate plans in place to respond, if needed, to any concerns in our community. The Birmingham Police Department is unaware of any threat at this time concerning potential unrest.

Any official notices about imminent threats will come from the Mayor’s Office of Public Information in coordination with the Birmingham Police Department.

Election Day is a chance for every citizen to use their voice to make the change they seek. Birmingham has a proud legacy when it comes to fighting for the right to vote. As a people, we owe it to those who sacrificed in support of that right for each of us to be heard.

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