Hurricane Zeta Clean up in Jefferson County

Power outages in Jefferson County

JEFFERSON CO., Ala. (WBRC) - Hurricane Zeta clean up continues across Central Alabama, including in Jefferson County.

Power crews worked to restore power on Pump House Road and surrounding areas Friday. A tree knocked down a power pole and transformer. Neighbors said they had been without power since late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning when Hurricane Zeta rolled through Alabama.

Many neighbors say they have powered up their generators at home to keep the lights on. Even though the tree is across the road, no one is trapped in their home.

Neighbors say they’re used to trees coming down because the area is pretty wooded, but one neighbor who had lived in the area for over two decades says this is the worst tree damage he’s seen.

“It was a lot of wind and rain,” said Martin Jones, Neighbor “I haven’t seen where you have a power pole down in the middle of road, the transformer in the middle of the road. That’s pretty unusual.”

Crews started work after 2:00 pm Friday. They didn’t have an exact time frame on when the power would be back on, but hoped to get it cut on by Friday night or Saturday morning.

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