Girl in Gov. Ivey Halloween costume speaks, draws laughs

Rainbow City girl talks about dressing up as Kay Ivey

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Days after donning a red pantsuit and adding a lapel pin and Auburn face mask to complete the look, a young north Alabama girl who dressed up as Gov. Kay Ivey is speaking out.

Cate McGriff, 9, caught Ivey’s attention for her spot-on costume, which she wore to her Rainbow City school’s Halloween costume party.

Turns out, Gov. Kay...err... Cate Ivey, has a sense of humor to go along with her fashion sense. She and her school principal spoke Friday morning with WBRC Fox 6 in Birmingham.

McGriff hammed it up for the interview, getting laughs as she proved she can copy Ivey’s Southern drawl just as well as she can her signature clothing style.

“Yes, she has a really good look. She can really pull it off,” McGriff said of the governor.

Asked if she were to run for governor, herself, what would her platform be? McGriff thought for a moment and said she’d run on “education and another Chic-fil-A, because we don’t have enough of those.”

“She has a fabulous personality,” Principal Tonya Clark admitted of McGriff, who kept her laughing during the interview.

It all started when Cate’s aunt, Missy Carter, tweeted photos of her at the governor’s official Twitter handle on Tuesday. She quickly got a response.

@GovernorKayIvey my adorable niece is your mini-me for her school costume party!,” Carter tweeted.

About 30 minutes later, the governor responded. “Nailed a T! I know she will be successful. #WarEagle”.

McGriff is already planning 2021′s costume. She wants to be an inflatable dinosaur.

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