Milo’s hosts Civics program for Tuscaloosa Co. Schools

Milo's Civics campaign for Tuscaloosa Co. students

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - You’ve heard the slogan: “Everybody goes to Milo’s.” Well, on Wednesday Milo’s is going to a Tuscaloosa County elementary school.

The visit at Englewood Elementary will mark Milo’s first Civics live lesson.

In a 30-minute, non-political program (both in-person and virtual), Tuscaloosa County Schools students will the basics of civics with a creative Milo’s twist on their new menu items. Students will practice “voting” in a primary and general election for their favorite Milo’s new menu item, like the Spicy Chicken Sandwich, the Double Thick Burger and the Sweet Tea Milkshake.

They’ll also get a chance to create campaign signs to support their favorite new menu item. Students will also hear from Mayor Maddox Maddox and UA student government representatives about the importance of voting and the election process.

The Tuscaloosa community is also encouraged to vote in the “Milo’s election” on their website. If you select their favorite new menu item, you’ll get a free Sweet Tea Milkshake. You can vote now by clicking here.

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