COVID-19 could impact Halloween at Anniston’s Glenwood Terrace

Halloween at Glenwood Terrace

ANNISTON, Ala. (WBRC) - Whether Halloween will be a safe activity this year is at the heart of one of Anniston’s most beloved traditions. Halloween is treated as a block party in Anniston’s Glenwood Terrace historic district.

But this year, as COVID-19 numbers rise in Calhoun County, the festivities may be scaled back.

While some tell us they’ll still safely pass out candy using gloves and wearing masks, Caroline Knapp says the party could be a super spreader.

And unlike previous years when she bought as many as 3,000 pieces of candy to pass out, she wants no part of it.

“It’s not safe this year. I just don’t believe that it is. And I have worked, we worked very hard. We don’t go places. We work so hard to stay safe,” Knapp said.

She plans to put up a sign that says “Sorry, due to COVID-19 we are not handing out candy. Stay safe - keep wearing your mask. God Bless.”

No candy due to COVID-19 sign.
No candy due to COVID-19 sign. (Source: Dixon Hayes/WBRC)

Lance Green is among the neighbors who put up Halloween decorations in his yard, as most people who plan to hand out candy have done.

“You know, the kids will be in their costumes, and will most likely have their face covered, whatever their costume is, their face masked. We intend to wear face masks giving out candy, but the children have been locked up like everybody else for the last six months or so, so just hate to spoil it for them,” Green said.

One of the traditions of the Glenwood Terrace Halloween is the appearance of the Headless Horseman. Our camera caught him one year.

It’s unclear whether he’ll appear this year or not.

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