Rest before flu shot good for immune system

Flu shots and sleep

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Scientists at the University of California found that basically, good sleep means your immune system is stronger.

It’s not just the night before getting the flu shot that they recommend getting a good night’s sleep either -- it’s the whole week before.

“It is suggestive that getting a good week’s rest leading up to a vaccine might improve having a little bit stronger of a response,” said Dr. Wesley Willeford at JCDH.

Dr. Willeford read the study and says the effects of missing out on sleep might not weaken the shot dramatically.

“Even if you were a poor sleeper leading up to it, you’d still probably get enough of a response to provide you the protection that you need as we move into the flu season,” he said.

Flu season officially began Oct. 1.

“We’ve started to see some flu cases in Jefferson County, not a huge number, but that can change.”

He says if you plan on going anywhere for Thanksgiving...

“I would suggest getting that flu shot as soon as possible,” he advised.

Just try to get some rest first.

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