Birmingham mayor defends plan to sell city-owned parking decks

B'ham planning to sell parking decks

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin fired back at the Birmingham Parking Authority on Monday after they questioned his plan to sell 6 of the city’s 11 parking decks downtown.

Mayor Woodfin says it’s the best deal, especially since the city is facing a $63 million deficit, furloughed hundreds of workers, and trimmed city services.

City leaders say the sale could mean $40 million for the city. The parking authority says that is short sighted and better economic times are coming.

Parking can be a problem downtown and decks are needed. At this time, the city earns about $1 million off of the parking authority and the decks. The city pays the authority about $600,000 a year.

On Monday, Mayor Woodfin said a profit of $400,000 is not enough. The mayor added it would take 100 years to make $40 million dollars.

“The priority here is neighborhood revitalization. The priority here is investing in our employees, our culture, our culture assets, etc. Not parking decks. We are speaking of something that is not an asset. Just because we own it doesn’t mean it generates cash money for our pockets,” Woodfin said.

The city council is expected to discuss the issue Monday afternoon. If the deal goes through, the city hopes to bring back furloughed employees such as those working at city public libraries.

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