Medical facility in Vestavia to offer one day hip replacement without hospital

Swaid one-day hip replacement

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Having a hip or joint replaced is a big decision and in the past, it often meant staying in the hospital for days. Now, one local medical facility can replace your hip and have you back home on the same day.

Same day hip replacements

Dr. Swaid Swaid from the Swaid Clinic in Vestavia Hills says it’s easier than ever to have a total joint replacement without going to the hospital.

“They could go home that day have a safe and successful operation,” said Swaid.

According to Swaid, this type of same-day treatment outside of a hospital is new to Alabama. Swaid Clinic opened in January 2020. The team of doctors at the clinic performs a variety of surgeries. While Swaid would like to perform all hip replacements at the Swaid Clinic, he says safety is always the top concern.

“If they are appropriate for the hospital setting, we will send them to the hospital,” said Swaid.

Swaid says not only can you go home the same day, but it will also cost less than going to a hospital.

“So we can save money that way, and hopefully, we can make the experience more comfortable for the patient and hopefully have a better outcome than anywhere else,” according to Swain.

Swaid says hospitals do an excellent service for so many, but right now, it might be better to stay away if you can.

“In our environment, it’s smaller and much more controlled, and I believe safer at this time because of the Covid crisis,” said Swaid.

For more information on a total joint replacement, you can watch the full interview with Dr.Swaid here.

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