Tuscaloosa man says parking attendants yelled racial slurs at him

Investigation into racial incident in Tuscaloosa

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Tuscaloosa police are investigating an incident involving a man who says he was harassed by parking attendants yelling racial slurs at him.

Edwin Gowdy, a longtime sports ticket salesman, was visibly upset walking out of the Tuscaloosa Police Department Wednesday after he filed a police report. He stated this isn’t just about being harassed but racially intimidated.

WBRC saw the police report that states racial slurs were allegedly used against him. Gowdy said he was walking down a 12th Avenue sidewalk from Paul Bryant Drive after selling tickets just before the Alabama-Georgia football game kicked off Saturday.

Soon after that, he said three white men in yellow and orange parking vests started following him, banging on their car door and yelling the N-word repeatedly from a Black truck.

This happened twice before he hollered, “Why are ‘y’all’ bothering me? I have cancer and didn’t do anything.” After they left again he hurried fast to his car.

“I was very disgusted when I was trying to get away I fell. I fell. Do you know how many times a person survived a racial situation like that when they fall? I’m lucky they didn’t see me because if they saw me it would’ve been a different outcome,” said Gowdy.

Gowdy said he saw those parking attendants picking up orange cones at a nearby church parking lot. Tuscaloosa police confirm they are investigating this and will see if there’s any surveillance footage in the area.

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