Tuscaloosa County goes forward to buy new AED devices

CARES money for emergency medical devices for TCSO

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Deputy Chief Byron Waid of the Tuscaloosa County Sheriffs showed WBRC the one AED that’s being used in the Tuscaloosa County courthouse. Wednesday, he asked County Commissioners for help to replace it and other older models in Tuscaloosa County.

“This is really about new equipment that we can place out there and put in the hands of the county workforce. So if we have an event we can respond adequately and give that person a better chance of survival,” Waid told WBRC.

He asked commissioners to spend $325,000 to buy 140 brand new AED’s. That would be enough devices for deputies to carry in their vehicle and to place inside county owned and maintained buildings.

″Every sworn officer will have one assigned to them. That will be number one. All of our static locations, like today we’re in the courthouse," Waid continued. “Once you get outside the city, it’s going to take a little while to get medical care to you. So with that said, the more of these devices that we can have close proximity, the better are our citizens chance of survival," Waid explained.

Tuscaloosa County would use money from the CARES Act to be reimbursed for the purchase. The sheriffs office would donate its older AED’s to other groups or agencies who could use them.

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