Sumiton man has message after 69 days in hospital battling COVID-19

COVID patient survival story

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A Sumiton man is reunited with his family tonight after spending more than two months in the hospital battling COVID 19.

“Such joy," COVID survivor T.J. Light said. “I never dreamed I would be loved so much.”

Light spent 69 days in the hospital battling COVID 19. He said he did not believe in the virus before he got sick.

“I’m like a lot of people, I didn’t think it was real," Light said. “But, let me tell you, it’s real.”

“I was a naysayer; I was adamant that I was not going to wear one,” daughter Jackie Brannon said. "Then he and I got sick and I immediately started wearing a mask.”

Light spent more than 60 days on a ventilator and more than 30 days on an ECMO machine. Brannon said they could only see him through an outside window.

“We almost lost him a couple times,” Brannon said. “It is the scariest thing, to only be able to go and look at your dad through a window, and hope that you get to talk to him again.”

Brannon said Light’s denture’s were also lost at the hospital. She said she doesn’t know when they will be able to get him another set.

Light wants to urge others to learn from what happened to him.

“After you spend as much time in the hospital and rehab as I have, and still got a lot to go, you know it is real," Light said. "People beware and take caution.”

“Don’t be scared of it, just be cautious," Brannon said.

Brannon said it will take around one year for him to fully recover.

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