‘Please walk in my shoes’: Daughter of missing Birmingham woman pleads to the community to help search for 81-year-old

Community still searching for missing 81-year-old woman

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Imagine going to sleep every night and waking up every morning not knowing where your mother is, that’s the reality of a Birmingham woman whose mother vanished in June.

Four months later, the family of 81-year-old Irene Campbell continued to plead to the community to not forget her mom and help bring her home.

“Please walk in my shoes for a moment. A mother is a special gift, it’s just like a golden key. You can’t duplicate it. Once it’s gone, it’s gone,” Campbell’s daughter Shirrell Moore said.

Campbell was last seen at the family home on 43rd Street North in Kingston.

Moore said she couldn’t think of anyone who would want to harm her mother or family.

Campbell has dementia and uses a cane to walk. Moore said the cane was left at home and believed her mom wouldn’t go far and couldn’t get far without assistance.

“I have a reward. The money is not the issue. All I want is my mother returned back home to me safe,” Moore pleaded.

The loss of Campbell took its toll on the family. Her grandson, DeAngelo Williams, suffered from a heart condition and ended up in the hospital after exhausting himself searching for her.

“I wish she would show up right now. I really miss her. I’m sorry I- I’m sorry,” Williams cried.

The family vowed to keep looking for Campbell and leaned on their faith, hoping the community would join their search.

“I know someone got her. I’m trusting in God that whoever has her they are taking care of and not abusing and neglecting my mother. I pray God will speak to them and get it in their heart to bring her back. That’s all I want,” said Moore.

Irene Campbell was last seen wearing denim capri pants and a black shirt with multicolor design.

If you see Ms. Campbell or know where she is call Birmingham police at (205) 297-8434 or 911 or Crime Stoppers 205-254-777.

Moore said there is a cash reward for Irene Campbell’s safe return.

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