Small gatherings could be the cause of COVID spikes

CDC: Small household gatherings contributing to COVID-19 cases

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The Coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the country.

And the head of the CDC said some of this is due in part to small household gatherings.

One of Jefferson County’s top docs, Dr. Wesley Willeford, said he has some concerns as cooler temperatures set in, and more people gather together indoors.

He said spikes in cases caused by small household gatherings, haven’t really been a big issue here in Jefferson County, so far, although it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where people are getting COVID-19.

He said it doesn’t take much for this virus to spread quickly.

And that’s especially concerning as we head into the holidays when kids are coming home from college, and families are coming from all over the country to gather in one place.

Dr. Willeford said it’s not impossible to successfully have these types of gatherings, but you definitely have to plan ahead and take extra precautions.

“In the weeks leading up to it…two weeks leading up to it I make sure I don’t do anything that could be risky, I make sure that I limit my contact with people outside of my household severely because when I go I want to make sure that I’m not going to be the one who brings the virus to them,” Dr. Willeford said.

Dr. Willeford said if you’re going to do these types of events, then you may want to consider staying in what he calls a “COVID Bubble” meaning you try to spend your time with the same limited amount of people.

He said this can help stop the spread of COVID-19, especially when coupled with wearing a mask, social distancing and good hand hygiene.

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