Saban positive coronavirus result reminds folks the illness has not gone away

Impact of Saban's positive test

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Health experts hope more people in the general public to take coronavirus seriously after Alabama football coach Nick Saban tested positive for the illness Wednesday.

Coach Saban was a big advocate for wearing face coverings to stop the spread of coronavirus. He and Crimson Tide football players and staff have also been taking precautions to limit the spread of COVID-19 since before the season started. That’s why the President of the Alabama Hospital Association believes when someone as well known as Nick Saban tests positive, folks will pay more attention to the illness.

Don Williamson was disappointed to hear Coach Saban has coronavirus. He believes Saban changed people’s minds about wearing face covering when he wore them in public service announcements during the summer. Williamson said many people think coronavirus isn’t as serious now as maybe over the summer. But he says positive cases around Alabama are up and the number of people being cared for in hospitals with COVID-19 is up too in the past two weeks.

“Coach Saban’s infection ought to be a reminder to us that the illness is out there, that if you’re not cautious you can get infected. And it ought to remind us to prevent infecting our neighbor we must also wear a mask,” Williamson explained. Coach Saban remains asymptomatic and continues to self isolate at home.

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