Tuscaloosa mayor discusses local COVID-19 cases leading up to Alabama/Georgia football game

Tuscaloosa enforcing COVID-19 regulations

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Mayor Walt Maddox spent part of Tuesday’s pre-council meeting with Tuscaloosa city councilors explaining what the current state of COVID-19 was in the city.

The mayor also explained how it could affect security during Alabama’s home football game against Georgia.

Maddox told them the city does not have enough resources during the game to provide safety and security while also enforcing coronavirus guidelines from the Alabama Department of Public Health and the ABC Control Board.

Maddox wants fans in Tuscaloosa to take those rules to heart. He believes the city is in a good place when it comes to the coronavirus cases locally.

The mayor said fewer than 60 patients were being treated for the illness at DCH Regional Medical Center on Tuesday. Maddox credited the face covering ordinance as one reason for those numbers being down.

The number of people cited for not wearing a face mask dropped from 43 one weekend ago to 18 citations this past weekend. He hopes that positive trend continues.

“This is where you get back to individuals. We hope they will take it upon themselves to do respectful things, wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing,” Maddox explained.

Alabama kicks off against Georgia at 7 p.m. Saturday.

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