Blueprint on 3rd prepares for cooler weather amid pandemic precautions

Restaurants concerned about winter months

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Birmingham restaurants have worked to survive two shutdowns, capacity restrictions and now, they face mother nature.

A lot of customers are still much more comfortable eating outside in fresh air rather than inside, but it means owners have to make the patios comfortable. 

Blueprint on 3rd has a patio that extends into a garden, a market lit center of peace in the middle of a busy area --- one they hope stays busy.

“We’ve worked out three different options and plans,” says Blueprint on 3rd owner Dean Robb. Those plans include quite the collection of outdoor heaters around the tables, and possibly a tent structure, especially for late winter “February is not very nice in Alabama, it’s nice every other month almost,” said Robb.

Robb and his team have also tried to make inside seating as safe as possible to make customers comfortable. “This needs to be for me, the safest place to go in Birmingham,” he said.

They’re using special filters that remove germs from the air circulating.

“The UV light protection is huge.”

The precautions and amenities aren’t cheap.  Right now, they’re making ends meet, and doing what they can to keep it that way.

“We are blessed, and some because of the nice weather we are having, we are doing 85 percent of the business we normally do,” he said.

He says he’s grateful for continued community support, and hopes the winter isn’t too harsh

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