PARA plans ‘Boo in the Park’ Halloween event in Tuscaloosa area

PARA creates safe Halloween activities in Tuscaloosa

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Tuscaloosa County Parks And Recreation Authority officials believe Sokol Park is the perfect place to host a Halloween event for families in the Tuscaloosa-area.

“We’re so excited about Boo in the Park. It’s a chance to get out and have a Halloween event that will be socially distanced,” PARA spokeswoman Becky Booker explained.

Booker said the event, set for October 30, will feature things a family might enjoy for socially distanced fun. There’s a trick or treat trail in small groups from 4pm to 6pm and in inflatable screen will be blown up so people can safely watch movies from their cars starting at 6:30pm.

“We’re going to have some picnic sections for you and your family to come. We’re going to have some circles on the ground that are spread out. First come, first serve on the space,” Booker continued.

People are also required to wear a mask unless they are in their vehicle or picnic-style space.

Parents like the idea and the thought that went into hosting an event and protecting people from coronavirus.

“Like so many neighborhoods are saying they are not trick or treating and things like that. Kids have already kind of got the short end of the stick with how their school year ended last year and things like that. If there’s any kind of event that my kids would be interested in like that yeah, I would definitely bring them,” Ali Mankey said.

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