COVID-19 pandemic delays construction of real-time crime center in Birmingham

Update on real time crime center

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Birmingham city leaders have been talking about a real-time crime center for years, but when will it actually happen?

COVID-19 put a lot of things on hold, including the building of a real-time crime center. We are told it could be online sometime next summer.

The real-time crime center will be housed at Birmingham Police headquarters and it will help provide officers heading to a crime scene with real-time information, even before they get there.

Earlier this week, the city’s public safety committee delayed a vote on new software that will allow BPD to pull up officer body cameras and cameras in their cars and other technology and put that on one screen to make crime fighting more efficient. That type technology is what Councilor Hunter Williams says is crucial to speeding up response times.

“We will be able to integrate all the different platforms that we currently have and own here in the city of Birmingham under one software so we can look at all of those things simultaneously,” Williams, who chairs the public safety committee, said.

Late last year, Deputy Chief Darnell Davenport told us having a real-time crime center will provide a lot of valuable tools that BPD currently does not have.

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