Customers say they lost money in Cash App

Customers say they lost money in Cash App
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Customers across the country and here in Alabama are complaining about a pay app they used to make financial transactions. They tell WBRC FOX6 News their money has been taken and they can’t get it back.

The app is called Cash App. Some people continue to use it with no problems, but two women who contacted WBRC FOX6 News said they had hundreds of dollars in those accounts and then suddenly it was gone.

Patricia Thomas lives in Illinois. She lost her job due the pandemic. Her daughters put $325 into a Cash App account for her. Then in September that money suddenly disappeared.

She said she called a customer support number for Cash App. "I asked them to put my money back on my card. Then they were trying to get me to link my bank account card to that. I was like, no,” Thomas said.

A woman in Maryland tells WBRC FOX6 News she lost $960. The Better Business Bureau of Central Alabama reports a number of consumers are complaining about losing money in Cash App.

“We are seeing people reaching out to customer service in an attempt to get some sort of issue resolved. When they look up the contact information, they are contacting a scammer,” Garet Smitherman said.

Cash App advices its customers not to do business with anyone they do not know. The company said it has an automated customer support not a personalized one to speak immediately with customers.

The company also said they will not ask for personal information.

If you use Cash App BBB advices this. “As opposed to linking up your debit card or checking account to one of these platforms you might find it safer to use a credit card,” Smitherman said.

A credit card company will hand any fraud case and return your money. One woman’s debit card was covered by her bank for restoring her lost funds.

We tried contacting Cash App. The customer support number we used we got a person who eventually hung up on us.

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