Jefferson County Department of Health releases new guidance for Halloween

New guidelines for Halloween

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - The Jefferson County Department of Health has some new guidelines for trick-or-treaters this Halloween.

Doctors there want to make sure your Halloween is not only fun, but safe.

Jefferson County’s Medical Director of Disease Control Dr. Wesley Willeford said the kids can still get dressed up for Halloween and go get candy, but the way they get those treats will have to change to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Jefferson County’s guidelines are similar to ones the CDC released a few weeks ago.

Dr. Willeford said doing in-person trick-or-treating where a child goes door-to- door, probably isn’t the best idea right now.

He suggests one-way trick-or-treating where the goodie bags are individually wrapped.

That way, trick-or-treaters can grab and go, minimizing contact.

“The thing that we worry about is if you have a lot of kids who go around and see lots of people, if one of those kids or one of the adults that are with them has COVID-19 you could potentially spread that to a lot of people. So, we’re really trying to think of ways to let it happen and let it happen safely, but trying to protect everyone at the same time,” Dr. Willeford explained.

The city of Helena, which is in Shelby County, is also weighing in on Halloween this year.

City leaders are leaving the decision about whether to participate up to residents.

“If people want to trick or treat, then they can. If they choose not to, residents can just stay home and turn the porch light off,” City Council President Harold Woodman said.

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