Civic group gives important device to Calhoun County EMA

Calhoun Co. EMA gets misting device

ANNISTON, Ala. (WBRC) - A local civic group gives the Calhoun EMA a new piece of equipment it’ll share with the rest of the county’s first responders.

Thursday, the Anniston Lions' Club presented the EMA with a misting device they’d purchased for some $1,500.

The device is used to cover a large area with disinfectant.

That is a very important tool in the COVID-19 era.

The EMA Director says he’ll share with smaller first responders agencies. “We’re making that available to many of our volunteer fire departments, smaller municipalities, those that may not have the need for it every day, but also may not have the means by which to purchase it on their own. So now together, we’re stronger, now that we have this equipment,” says Michael Barton, Calhoun County EMA Director. The Central Alabama Lions' Club has purchased several of the devices to be used throughout the central third of the state.

The Anniston Lions' Club considered its work throughout Calhoun County, including assistance after tornadoes ripped through Jacksonville in March 2018.

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