Alabama one of two states with declining COVID-19 cases

COVID cases decline in AL and HI


According to one coronavirus map indicator, Alabama is doing well when it comes to the spread of the infectious disease. In fact, the COVID-19 Tracking Project said today that Alabama and Hawaii are the only two states showing a decline.

Health leaders in Alabama will tell you there are indeed some positive indicators but they still do not like the number of positive cases the state continues to get each day.

Across the country you see an upward trend in positive COVID 19 cases. Some states seeing a record number of cases and deaths. Hospital rates are also surging in other states. The tracker says the country is averaging 44,000 cases a day.

But Alabama and Hawaii are the only two states seeing declines according to the COVID tracker.

But this afternoon, Dr. Michael Saag, a top infectious diseases doctor with UAB said now is not the time to celebrate or to ease up on our safety measure with our positivity rate so high.

“We are seeing our percent somewhere around 10% some where it’s 12-13%. We need that number below 5%. So we are not out of the woods. The other thing is our rate per 100,000 is still well about 15 we would like to see that below three per hundred thousand so we have a long way to go.” Dr. Michael Saag, UAB Infectious Diseases Division said.

Dr. Saag said there appears to a smoldering in the community that could lead to a surge but they are watching for that. Health leaders basic advice don’t let down your guard.

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