Study warns of neurological damage due to COVID-19

New study says COVID could cause neurological issues

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - When you think of COVID-19 we think about respiratory problems. But a new study just completed by Northwestern Medicine shows neurological impacts as well.

People have seen President Trump improve. He looked like he has some breathing issues but appears on the mend. Others with COVID-19 it has been a very hard battle with those respiratory problem. This new study from Northwestern Medicine in Chicago said problem ranging from headaches to even coma.

The Northwestern Medicine study looked at 509 COVID patients. The found close to 80% had neurological problems. The Chief of infectious Diseases of the Neurology at Northwestern Medicine said it was wide ranging.

“These manifestations included, headache, dizziness, encephalopathy which means the alteration of consciousness; going from mild disorder of attention, memory, concentration all the way to stupor and coma,” Dr. Igor Koralnik said.

The study showed there were also body ache issues. The study looked at patients with COVID 19 ranging in age from 16-to-58 years old. Those with neurological problems experienced longer hospital stays but also problems later when they went home.

“Only 30% were able to care for their own affairs compared to 90% of those who were not affected by encephalopathy during their hospital course,” Koralnik said.

The study found these patients trended higher with it came to death than other COVID patients. Researchers hope by seeing the increased health problems they can now focus on what to do next to help these patients.

“This is something we need to do better research on to understand what leads to this problem and how to better manage them and treat them,” Koralnik said.

There have been only two other studies conducted in the world so far on this issue. In China and Spain.

The head researcher in Chicago will tell you the magnitude of these neurological issues with COVID was surprising. These neurological issues also developed in those long haulers people who got COVID got better and released from hospitals.

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