Local hotels see slight increase in bookings ahead of Hurricane Delta

B'ham hotels preparing for Delta evacuees

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - As Hurricane Delta inches closer to the U.S., hotels in our area are starting to see a slight increase in bookings.

The Greater Birmingham Convention and Visitor’s Bureau said Birmingham is always a popular spot for evacuees during hurricane season, but right now, we’re only seeing a small increase in people coming here to ride out the storm.

Local hotels like the Hyatt Wynfrey and properties along Lakeshore, are starting to get a few calls from people in Louisiana, Mississippi and other parts of Alabama, who are looking to escape Hurricane Delta.

We’re told call volume will likely increase Thursday and Friday as the storm approaches the Gulf Coast.

Visitor’s Bureau Vice President, Sara Hamlin, said evacuees tend to come to Birmingham because of its proximity to other areas.

“And of course, they’re trying to get into the inland area,” said Hamlin.

“We’re very accessible because of the wonderful interstates that we have…wherever the hurricane is hitting…if it’s on the Gulf Coast they can travel 65, if it’s west of us there’s Interstate 20, so we’re very accessible as well,” Hamlin explained.

Hamlin is encouraging people who live near the coast to evacuate immediately.

And she says people will want to start booking rooms now, because if you wait too late, you’ll have to travel even farther north to find lodging.

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