UAB looking for volunteers for COVID-19 tests

UAB helping test treatment President Trump is taking

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - UAB may need your help in finding a treatment and possible prevention for COVID-19.

Infectious diseases doctors at the hospital told us about the need for volunteers.

They need people who may have just been discovered to have symptoms.

One involved Regeneron Pharmaceuticals out of New York. That is the experimental antibody treatment President Trump used. Another involved using plasma.

The convalescent plasma treatment takes plasma from people who had COVID-19 and uses their antibodies to reduce symptoms and also help prevent you from getting the infectious disease.

UAB wants 50 people. Right now, they have fewer than twenty. There is a new antibody study that is getting off the ground similar to the Regeneron study. The more people, the more hopes they can find information about the coronavirus they still don’t know a lot about right now.

“We are looking for people to enroll in one of our trials we are talking about today. People who are just becoming aware of their infection but also looking for people who are unaffected who want to protect themselves in our vaccine studies,” Dr. Turner Overton, Infectious Diseases Division at UAB, said.

If you are interested, you can call 205-934-6777. The infectious diseases doctors say they believe in these studies but they stress they are safe and your health will be a top concern.

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