Prominent Phenix City businessman, WWII vet passes away at 99

Prominent Phenix City businessman, WWII vet passes away at 99
Roy Greene, Phenix City businessman, lawyer and WWII vet passes away (Source: Family)

PHENIX CITY, Ala. (WTVM) - A pioneer in bringing radio, newspaper and cable television to Phenix City has passed away.

Roy Greene served as an Infantryman in World War II before attending law school at the University of Alabama.

After graduating from law school, Greene returned to Phenix City where he served as City Judge, City Commissioner, County Attorney, and District Attorney for the 26th Judicial Circuit.

In 1960, Governor John Patterson appointed Greene Lieutenant Colonel. He was later elected to the state legislature but soon gave up politics and turned to business.

In 1952, Greene founded the first radio station in Phenix City, WPNX. He later co-founded the Phenix Citizen newspaper, which has since become the largest weekly newspaper in Alabama one of the largest in the southeast.

After selling WPNX, Greene purchased F&M Bank of Hurtsboro and moved it to Phenix City.

In 1964, Greene heard of a new technology to bring cable television into the home called CATV and began a company, now known as BEAM, in his bard. BEAM is now one of the largest independent cable contractors in Alabama.

Greene was 99.

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