Jefferson County Middle School students return to new school building

New buildings for Erwin & Hueytown Middle Schools

JEFFERSON CO., Ala. (WBRC) - Erwin Middle and Hueytown Middle School students started the new staggered schedule Monday in newly renovated buildings.

“Before it was just storage areas and trying to get to this finish point,” said Jeff Caufield, Deputy Superintendent of Schools and Community Support, "To see it today with students here is just an amazing and refreshing.”

And at every corner there is something new to take in, including new hallways, a new administrative suite, and new classrooms. Teachers had been teaching virtually at Center Point High School until their classrooms were ready.

“It’s still very nice to have something to call your own. It’s like walking into a new home," said Caufield.

Hueytown Middle School students also started Monday in an updated space with a new science lab and a new addition for school offices and a library.

COVID has kept students out buildings since March. Jefferson County leaders say the perk is that crews didn’t have to work around students, but COVID has continued to cause delays.

Crews are still working to complete the band space and gym at Erwin and construction continues at Rudd Middle.

“Certainly the hope is that our gym here is done in 6-8 weeks,” Caufield, Deputy Superintendent of Schools and Community Support. “We would hope for that time frame and certainly we’re working hard to get Rudd completed as well.”

The staff at Erwin will continue to work with staff at Center Point to use gym space.

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