President Trump’s impact with being COVID-19 positive

JCDH: People can't get complacent with COVID-19 numbers

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - President Donald Trump gave a thumbs-up before he boarded Marine One for Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Friday.

The president also tweeted a message of thanks for the support and well wishes he and the First Lady have received since they both tested positive for COVID-19.

President Trump said he thinks he’s doing very well, but he’s going to Walter Reed to make sure things work out.

The White House says that the visit is precautionary and that Trump will work from the hospital’s presidential suite, which is equipped to allow him to continue his official duties.

Earlier Friday President Trump’s doctor said he remains “fatigued” and had been given an experimental antibody drug combination that has shown promise in studies at UAB.

The Jefferson Health Department and an infectious disease doctor at UAB all are hoping President Trump and the First Lady recover soon.

They also say the fact the nation’s leader got this disease sends a strong message.

There are safety protocols at the White House. The president is protected as he and his family travel. But Dr. Wesley Willeford with the Jefferson County Health Department said this demonstrates why people must continue to follow safety measures.

Even though COVID numbers are improving in Alabama it drives home the point people can’t be complacent.

“The White House has multiple layers of protection to protect the president, his family and staff. I think it is important to show that this virus can infect anyone. Literally anyone,” Willeford said.

That means continue to practice safety steps. “I really, really hope it makes some people who might dismiss COVID and haven’t experienced the personal loss of COVID to sit up and take notice,” Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo with UAB infectious diseases said.

Dr. Michael Saag, a top infectious disease doctor at UAB said everyone must work together to beat this disease.

Dr. Saag had the coronavirus earlier this year.

Dr. Saag said he was surprised to hear the President came down with the disease as well as he and his family are protected. But, Dr. Saag said this just shows how infectious this disease can be.

Dr. Saag said with mild symptoms there is a good chance the President will recover soon but. Saag said routine antibiotics can work now unless the president’s condition worsens and he has to be hospitalized. Even in recovery, Saag said the president may have to deal with fatigue for a while.

“That fatigue goes along with the usual 10-14 days of usual symptoms, but it lingers. For me it lasted another two to three weeks. For him that would take him into the election. I don’t envy him to go on the road and do events even virtual while feeling fatigued and feeling poorly,” Saag said.

Saag said this infection is difficult to predict. The president could have a good and quick recovery. Again Dr. Saag believes if everyone does their part in social distancing and face coverings the better chance of limiting the spread.

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