100-year-old man’s family hopes for in-person visit soon

Changes to nursing home visitations

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - It’s been hard on families and loved ones being separated from patients and residents of hospitals and nursing homes because of the coronavirus.

Governor Kay Ivey has made it clear in her new health order visitations will be allowed.

Clyde Gilmore turned 100 on Thursday. “How are you?” Gilmore asked. He may be a little hard of hearing, but he has his joy of life still. He is a resident of Oaks on Parkview in Bessemer.

Last Sunday, family and friends held a drive by celebration. Thursday, it was a visit through a glass window. The separation has not been easy on him or the family.

“Very strenuous. It’s not good because not being able to see him. It’s hard especially for him having hearing aids,” Gilmore’s granddaughter Joey Gloeker said.

Governor Kay Ivey said it was never the intent to separate families during the health order. “As of today, each patient and each resident is allowed one visitor or caregiver in a limited time unless there is compelling reasons to limit access,” Ivey said.

Mr. Gilmore has smiles on his 100th birthday as the family sees him from a distance, but his granddaughter said the governor’s new order will be more than welcomed by Gilmore and the family.

“Oh wonderful. I mean the depression these people feel while in the nursing home is horrific. It’s horrible. The loneliness they feel,” Gloeker said.

But at least Mr. Gilmore wasn’t feeling that loneliness Thursday, even through glass.

There are still restrictions. If a county has a high positivity rate of 10% or more, visits are not allowed. Visitors also must make an appointment and wear masks.

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