Shelton State Community College starts Modern Manufacturing program

Shelton State modern manufacturing program

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Administrators at Shelton State Community College created a Modern Manufacturing program to train the next generation of skilled workers to handle several different types jobs.

Shelton State made a recruiting video to help spread the word about its new Modern Manufacturing program.

“We’re going to be able to prepare people to walk in the door with that knowledge,” explained Grant Cockrell, Associate Dean of Technical Services at Shelton State.

Candidates who enroll in the program can learn various skills including machine and production line operations, systems analysis, logistics and more. The school felt this type of training was needed after several local industry leaders told administrators there were not enough qualified job applicants to fill positions with their companies.

“It’s really targeted to be able to fill the workforce need we have a void in for the manufacturers. We have various industries from automotive to textile. Getting new manufacturers every day looking at this region as far as relocating here,” Cockrell continued.

Students can earn industry certifications while also earning a degree. A certificate in Modern Manufacturing can be earned in three semesters or an associate’s degree in four semesters. “We could probably graduate a 100 a year and still not meet all the needs that are out there,” Cockrell added.

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