How will the money from the Gas Tax be used?

Where is the gas tax money going?

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - The second phase of Alabama’s Gas Tax increase went into effect Thursday, meaning you’ll be paying two cents more per gallon at the pump.

But many wonder where those tax dollars are going.

Jefferson County Commission President, Jimmie Stephens, said nobody likes taxes, but people tolerate them more when they can see their dollars at work.

And that’s why he said the commission will use those extra two pennies you’re paying at the pump, to improve your quality of life.

“These monies represent several projects that we’re working on in Jefferson County. We have three major areas that we’re working with,” Stephens said.

Those areas include major road reconstruction on a 6.7 mile stretch of roads on or near Valley Road, 23 miles on or near Oxmoor Road, and 11 miles on or near Ruffner Road.

Nearly $11.5 million is dedicated to improving these streets.

“We have added this $3 to $4 million which we’re receiving from the increased gas tax added it to our roads and transportation budget in order to get these improvements and put them in a timely manner,” Stephens explained.

He said the capacity improvements, like adding turn lanes and widening streets, will ensure you have a safe ride to and from school and work.

“One of the great areas that you can look at is there on Oxmoor Road as you enter there in Homewood as you go in and out of the freeway you can see those are our road crews doing that work right now and widening that and making it a much more safer transition in order to get on the interstate,” Stephens said.

Now this is all a part of the Rebuild Alabama Act, which Governor Ivey signed into effect back in March of 2019.

At that time, she said the Gas Tax would ensure Alabama’s infrastructure would be improved for generations to come.

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