Birmingham Public Safety Task Force gets new ideas from community

Public safety task force hears proposals

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - More than a dozen members from the community came forward to present proposals to the city’s public safety task force about how the Birmingham police department can improve public safety.

“Having these people come here today and give different solutions to problems, is something that is going to help us make a recommendation to the mayor and the city council," Public safety task force member Victor Revill said.

“It definitely needs to be some classes," Proposal Presenter Natasha Stallworth said. “Classes need to be put in place and the classes will begin to detox the mindset of people, black and white alike. Everything is going to continue to evolve and repeat itself if nothing is done about the root of the issue and that is racism. While we are in a good place, it is good to begin to use pre-precautions and that is these classes. We can prevent some things from triggering it or starting it and we can just set the tone."

Dozens of people made proposals Thursday night, like more community programs and citation only systems for juveniles.

“I think it is prudent to always be taking a look at how we can do better,” Task force co-chair Hunter Williams said.

“We are looking at everything to make the city a safer place and a better place," Revill said. “A better Birmingham. We are re- imagining how great Birmingham can be.”

Revill said it’s important to include community input to make sure everyone’s ideas are heard.

“The biggest thing is to know that we need to hear from people so that we can give the best possible recommendation," Revill said.

He said every proposal isn’t guaranteed to make it on the recommendation list, but he hopes to still see the ideas turn into action.

“Even if it’s not part of our recommendation, I would love for these people to work towards making these things a reality," Revill said.

The task force is set to give multiple recommendations for change to the mayor and the city council later this month.

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