United for United Way: Alabama Head Injury Foundation

United For United Way

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - All Birmingham Broadcasters are coming together to raise money for the United Way. The campaign is called United for United Way.

Russell Jones talked to the leaders at the Alabama Head Injury Foundation about their relationship with the United Way.

The Alabama Head Injury Foundation works to improve the quality of life for survivors of traumatic brain injury and their families.

“We work with about 2,400 traumatic brain injury survivors across the state," said Executive Director Scott Powell.

According to Powell, the Alabama Head Injury Foundation provides all its services for free. Still, without donations and help from the United Way, it wouldn’t happen, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We will actually have a larger number of clients in 2020 than we’ve ever had in our history,” said Powell.

Councilor Katie Beaugez helps survivors with the recovery process after their injury, but lately, it’s been more of a challenge.

Beaugez said, “The isolation which is already there is tens times worse during coronavirus because nobody can get out and do anything, it’s been hard on my clients.”

However, there are some advantages. Now Beaugez can help her clients more online.

“We can reach out to people statewide so that I can work with people anywhere in the state,” said Beaugez.

Executive Director Scott Powell says many of these services are possible because of the United Way. Without their help, many clients would not get the support they need to recover.

Powell is encouraging anyone that can help; please give to the United Way.

“We would have to pull back and tell our clients we can no longer provide the array of services we have in the past, if it were not for the United Way, it would be life-altering for our clients and us,” said Powell.

If you are able to donate you can online at www.uwca.org/united or by texting United to 62644.

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