Local business says it won’t enforce mask mandate

Reaction to mask order extension

VESTAVIA HILLS, Ala. (WBRC) - Governor Kay Ivey has extended the mask order, which was set to expire Friday, until November 8th, but not everyone agrees with it.

Employees at Cajun Seafood House in Vestavia Hills said the mask order has had a negative impact on business, so if customers don’t want to wear a mask, they’re not going to force them.

“It has affected our business a lot due to the fact that once they see that sign…especially if they’re anti-mask, they do turn around,” said Cajun Seafood House Sever, Cassieta Trawick.

She said business hasn’t been as good as it was before the pandemic, but they’ve tried to make adjustments to make customers feel safe.

“We do offer outside seating. However, our outside seating is very limited and since COVID has happened a lot of people want to sit outside, and we just can’t accommodate them when we only have like maybe four seats outside,” Trawick explained.

In addition to outside seating, the restaurant is also practicing social distancing, and asking diners to use good hand hygiene.

They’ve also posted signage asking customers to wear a face covering.

But while the employees are keeping their masks on, they’re not making the guests do it.

“Because I don’t have that authority, I don’t turn them away…only because I don’t want to affect our business or have a negative review about how…'cause a lot of businesses have gotten negative reviews about not letting people in that doesn’t have a mask,” Trawick said.

Customers seen entering and exiting Cajun Seafood House on Wednesday were wearing masks.

Of course, those masks are not required at the table while you’re eating.

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