Get ready for another gas tax increase Thursday

Impact of gas tax hike happening Thursday

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) -Starting Thursday, gas will go up two cents a gallon. While fewer people are driving because of COVID-19 and gas tax collections is down, local leaders say that money is still being used to fix the roads.

In Jefferson County, Commission President Jimmie Stephens says the money from the Rebuild Alabama Act is being put to good use. He says this is the type tax that you can see how the money is being spent since its being used to improve roads and bridges.

State leaders say lower gas prices helped ease the impact of the gas tax on our wallets. Stephens tells us the gas tax adds to the county’s roads and transportation budget and gives them more options to address the bumpy roads.

“We took that six cent increase and we will apply the two cent increase this year for capacity improvement projects. That’s four-lane highways, turn lanes to where more people can transgress the roadway very smoothly,” Stephens said.

The Association of County Commissions in the state told us earlier this month, they’re probably going to be able to do about 90% of the work that’s been estimated with the gas tax. There will be another two-cent increase in 2021.

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