Alabama prepares for possible COVID-19 vaccine

Alabama prepares for COVID-19 vaccine allocation

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nations top infectious disease expert said the country should know whether a vaccine is safe and works by November or December. Today Alabama’s top health officer Dr. Scott Harris said the state is working on a plan to distribute that vaccine when it’s time.

As testing for a possible vaccine continues across the country, Dr. Harris said the US Health and Humans Services Department has mandated states get ready to distribute a vaccine. Harris said Alabama needs to submit a plan by mid-October. The plan should include receiving, storage and allocation of the vaccine. The Alabama Public Health Officer said those who get the vaccine first will be those who need it the most.

“Obviously we want to make sure we are protecting those who are highest risk and those who are highest risk for exposure, like healthcare workers for example. We will put that together and we will do that in a very open and public way. We want to be sure it’s fair and equitable,” Harris said.

Dr. Harris said those decisions will be made in public so people will understand the allocation schedule.

Dr. Harris said they are working now on getting providers who can help give the vaccine to people in Alabama.

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