Teacher health survey shows concerns about COVID-19

AFT Survey: 52% of teachers have health issues

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A national teacher survey shows half of those educators have underlying health conditions. That is why many are fearful of returning to the classroom with possible exposure to COVID-19.

The American Federation of Teachers sponsored the survey. The results shows 52% of those teachers have a health problem. Examples include diabetes, blood pressure or heart disease. They would be open to serious complications from the coronavirus with those underlying diseases.

A Jefferson County AFT leader says they are getting calls from teachers fearful of getting the infectious disease.

Marrianne Hayward, President of the Jefferson County AFT said they got a call Tuesday from a teacher who is very concerned about bringing students back into school buildings and not being able to social distance or wear masks.

Hayward said teachers want schools to release information about the number of positive of the virus.

“I think parents need to know that so they can make decisions based on that data. I think parents have been led to believe everything is great. Nothing is going on and yet there are many, many cases of students and teachers contracting the virus,” said Hayward.

So far, only a handful of school districts have released that information. The health department says it continues to be discussed with the state education department over how that information can be and where it will be released, while at the same time protecting privacy concerns.

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