Jefferson Co. Health Officer says CDC has ‘lost its soul’

Dr. Wilson: 'CDC has lost its soul'

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Jefferson County’s Public Health Officer Dr. Mark Wilson had some strong words for the nation’s top infectious disease agency. Wilson said in a published report - and confirmed to WBRC - that the Centers for Disease Control had “lost its soul.”

Dr. Wilson said he was upset over two earlier positions taken by the CDC. He felt those positions were wrong and undermined the nation’s trust in the agency.

Dr. Wilson was pointing in particular to when the CDC issued guidance for reopening schools without some restrictions and when it called for restricting testing to only those who were positive with COVID-19.

Since then, the CDC has walked back those positions. Wilson said the CDC is very important for healthcare and fighting outbreaks of various infectious diseases in the country and that’s why those earlier statements were contrary to what many health leaders believe should be done to fight the coronavirus.

“Where it was pretty obvious the CDC’s messaging had been tainted by political considerations. That was a sad day for me and many in public health to see that happen because the CDC has had a historic reputation of being very dependable, independent science we can all depend on,” Wilson said.

Dr. Wilson is happy to see the CDC take steps for clarifications on those earlier statements.

Dr. Wilson told me his agency has been criticized for its restriction in combating the spread of the coronavirus, but he will continue to do what he believes to be right. He is happy to see the CDC make clarifications on those earlier statements.

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