Fans happy to have SEC football back even with stadium restrictions

New Game day restriction

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Gamedays are back for SEC fans, but it’s not going to be normal in the stadium or from home.

“Oh my goodness, I’m so happy football is back," fan Jackson Singleton said. “It’s just the biggest blessing after this entire pandemic.”

It’s the first weekend of SEC college football and fans at Avondale Brewing company are happy to be back.

“Everyone is kind of down and having something to look forward to is kind of good," fan Jake Madonia said. “Having something to come out and celebrate is a good change for what we have been used to for the last couple months.”

The brewery has tables spaced apart outside and games on the big screen.

“We love it here and it’s nice that it is outside, away from everybody,” fan Caroline Bell said. “We can social distance."

“I mean everybody is wearing masks, everyone is social distancing, and everybody is doing all they can do," fan Blanche Morrison said.

Maxim capacity outside at the brewery is more than two thousand people and the brewery is limiting it to only one third.

“I think it’s amazing,” Singleton said. “I think it is going to boost revenues so high, especially in Birmingham where it is a college football city.”

It is also a different atmosphere for SEC games in stadium, with only 20-25 percent capacity.

“When you are in there, pre-COVID, it’s awful,"Madonia said. "I mean you are like neck and neck. Everyone is shoulder to shoulder and now it’s, especially in the student section, you can move around.”

It’s a new wave of football, but fans say they are just happy to have it back

“Auburn and war eagle," Madonia said.

“I gotta give you a roll tide,” Singleton said.

Bars in Alabama are not allowed to sell alcohol past 11pm, but the Alabama ABC board is set to lift that curfew next week.

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