Student athletes encouraged to follow health guidelines after school

Keeping high school players from being infected

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Trying to manage school and athletics during a pandemic is hard enough, but student athletes can’t really ever have a break.

From the classroom to game day, student athletes have new protocols including masks and tough cleaning regimen.

“We are at a disadvantage as opposed to collegiate and NFL teams which are able to take their teams, players, and put them in bubbles,” said Henry Pope, Birmingham City Schools Director of Athletics.

Instead, coaches have to tell their players that their seasons depend on their discipline in trying to avoid COVID-19.

“We talk to our parents and players and of course coaches about the importance of being in place, we always say that we need to sacrifice a little today to be able to continue to play today,” noted Pope.

He says they ask them to stay home as much as possible and make sure they’re staying protected to be able to keep playing.

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