Alabama Gulf Coast beaches will reopen Oct. 2

Tourism after Hurricane Sally

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The Alabama Gulf Coast beaches will reopen to visitors in just over a week. Governor Kay Ivey announced Thursday they will reopen Oct. 2.

Businesses on the coast depend on tourism to survive, and missing out on revenue from Hurricane Sally is a tough spot to be in.

The wind and the water overran the Alabama Gulf Coast last week, but they’ve already made progress.

“Most of the county, the entire county, has power,” said Kay Maghan, the spokesperson for Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism.

More than a dozen states sent power crews to help get the Gulf Coast back on its feet.

“There are debris piles already sitting on the streets because people have gutted houses and businesses and are starting the recovery,” she said.

Businesses capable of reopening are already working to do so, repairing damage and restocking supplies.

“Restaurants are starting to reopen, so it’s getting back to being able to be there for guests who come down,” said Maghan.

The Gulf Coast is no stranger to storms, and neighbors immediately went to work helping each other any way they could.

One neighbor helped her clean up while she was deployed with emergency management. She only returned home two nights ago.

“Another neighbor around the corner, I pull up and 40 minutes later, everyone is at his house because he’s grilling ribeyes for the entire street,” she said.

After beaches open back up, they advise guests to be patient because some attractions and activities won’t be up and running for a while.

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