$300 unemployment benefits end in Alabama

Extra $300 unemployment benefit running out

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The extra $300 in unemployment benefits, intended to help people out of a job because of the Coronavirus pandemic, has run out.

The Trump administration created the Lost Wages Assistance Program, or LWA back in early August, after a $600 weekly boost in unemployment benefits ended in July.

“Those payments were $300 per week and they were retroactive to August 1st,” said Communications Director for the Alabama Department of Labor, Tara Hutchison.

And now, the situation for some Alabamians could be dire because the financial lifeline ends next month, with no additional money in sight.

“So, the last eligible week that Alabama could pay was for the week ending September the 5th,” Hutchison explained.

ADOL said it has made all six of those payments with the final one being paid last week.

But in addition to the LWA ending, Extended Benefits will stop on October 3. Many of the other programs claimants once had access to, will no longer be available.

“Unless they are able to be approved for PUA or Congress comes back with some additional extensions, it may be the end of the road for those folks,” Hutchison said.

And during this financial strain, experts said don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

“There still are a lot of employers out there. They are looking to hire, and I would imagine that will increase as we get closer and closer to Christmas time,” said Partner and Senior Advisor at The Welch Group, Marshall Clay.

“Find something that can generate a little bit of income between now and the time that you find longer term employment,” Clay said.

Clay also recommended looking for things around your home that you no longer need and sell them.

And if you’re struggling to make credit card payments, as a last resort, they recommend looking for deferment and forbearance opportunities.

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